Clark’s Point

78 acres, marine shoreline, tidepools, sculpted sandstone, iconic scenic feature
Location: Chuckanut Bay


“A priceless gift from Doug Clark and his family” is how this easement is described by a Whatcom Land Trust board member. Clark’s Point is a spectacularly beautiful peninsula jutting into Chuckanut Bay and visible from Chuckanut Drive. For boaters, its wind-sculpted sandstone cliffs, red-barked madrona trees and towering firs are a beloved landmark.

Clark’s Point is one of the last large, relatively undeveloped pieces of coastal property in private ownership in the Pacific Northwest. The conservation easement is designed to protect the natural habitat for wildlife and plants, and to retain the aesthetic value of the property for the benefit of the public.

The property holds four homes built for members of the Clark family. Most of the land, however, remains in its native forested state with dramatic rock outcroppings and ecologically valuable tidepools.

Doug and Peggy Clark protected their 78 acres of breathtaking Chuckanut shoreline with a conservation easement signed in 1990. A few years before entering into the agreement with the Whatcom Land Trust, Mr. Clark and his wife pondered the future of their scenic property. “We asked ourselves what would happen to this place in a hundred years. Would it all be cleared out with houses and concrete streets? What can we do to prevent that?” Thanks to the Clarks’ stewardship values, this special place in Whatcom County will remain in its natural state for generations to come.

photo by Alan Fritzberg